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Mauritian Roulette (Patent pending)
from Ultimate Success Gaming
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Game description
    Any number of players can play this newly developed game against the house. It features a double wheel, comprising the inner wheel with four colours divided into eight sections and the outer wheel with twenty-five compartments which includes the numbers 1 to 12 (repeated twice) and a butterfly (or a different symbol).

    Incorporated in the wheel is a method of locking the inner wheel to the outer wheel, after the two wheels are spun in opposite directions. The ball can be spun by hand or by means of a spring-loaded device.

    When the ball comes to rest in one of the compartments of the outer wheel, the selected number from the outer wheel, with the colour from the inner locked wheel determines the winning combination.

    Bets are placed on the table layout, which consists of numbers and colours corresponding to that on both wheels.

    Simple rules make the game easy to understand and fun to play. The design of the layout enables dealing to be fast to ensure productivity levels remain high.

    Sound (an alarm) and lighting will be used to inject excitement when the butterfly (or different symbol) is the result to advertise the big payouts.

    To convert an existing AR table to Mauritian Roulette requires only a change of wheel, layout and scoreboard.

Main application and uses:
    Mauritian Roulette is a brand new casino game for casino operators to offer their customers. By using the game, operators will be increasing the profitability of their business. Compared to American Roulette with a house-percentage of 2.7 Mauritian Roulette operates at a higher house edge of 4%

    Players will welcome a change to traditional Roulette, which has not undergone any significant changes for decades

    Mauritian Roulette will also feature a progressive jackpot system. This will be very appealing to the players and in addition, this will create an extra source of revenue for the casino operators.

Features and benefits
    Mauritian Roulette offers the following new and unique features:
  • Double wheel
  • More betting combinations
  • Higher house edge of 4%
  • Rules of play are simple and easy to understand
  • Bright and colourful game
  • Flashing lights on score-board
  • Sounds (an alarm ) to advertise the major payouts
  • Progressive jackpot payouts
  • Bigger payouts than traditional American or French Roulette.

Benefits to casino operators:
  • To enhance their revenue and increase the profitability of their operations through the higher house-percentage
  • To offer more variety of games to their patrons
  • To attract and keep more players in their casinos

Benefits to customers:
  • More thrills and excitement with the double wheel.
  • Two periods of  "high" every spin; firstly, when the ball drops into the numbered compartment, and secondly, when the selected number aligns with the colour wheel to form the winning combination.
  • Different variety of leisure and entertainment
  • More betting combinations and bigger payouts