Las Vegas is not all about casinos. Ok, it is.
But there is some variety away from the slots and tables.

Gaming floor's  places to visit in Las Vegas

    You can see it for miles, and from it even further. The 1,149-foot Stratosphere tower was the dream of its creator Bob Stupak and then eventually his downfall. For $6 the view is worth it even if you don't have the bottle to face the "Big Shot" and rollercoaster. The strip has expanded so far south that the casino has become isolated from the major new developments. New owner is Carl Icahn, attendance to the tower last year was 556,000.

     Whilst in the area you can take in the Gamblers General Store. Describes itself as the Worlds Largest Gambling Superstore, and it probably is. The catalogue is colour and runs to 60 pages A3. If you want to find out what happens to old Bally mechanicals, or want to buy one. This is the place. The Website is 

    Still on the theme of study and research there is also the 1964 established Gamblers Book Shop co-foundered by John and Edna Luckman who still run the business. The catalogue also manages 72 pages and whilst not as visually stimulating as the GGS, could be described as a reference guide in its own right. The shop has established a photo exhibition opened in December 1998 of persons who have made a contribution to gaming and the city. The Website can be found at
The Tropicana Hotel & Casino now facing the MGM Grand, New York New York and Excalibur but previously almost in the middle of nowhere is the host to the Casino Legends Hall of Fame. Billed as the worlds largest collection of gambling memorabilia. There are over 15,000 items on display, counting all the chips (some of them melted together, after the numerous fires in the city) they are probably being conservative.
It could be described as a Multi-media tour as there are constant videos being shown describing the LV's not always glamorous past. Free to get in with a coupon, very interesting. The Tropicanas website to be found at

West of Las Vegas and a 20 minute can be found Red Rock Canyon and Bonnie Springs Old Nevada. This is a reconstruction of an old wild west town complete with a miniture railroad and daily hangings. Attached is the petting zoo and horse riding. If none of these exiting pursuits grab your attention then a trip into the bar (its too hot outside dear) will reveal a collection of $1 bills stapled, glued or hanging from every available surface. The bar tender believed there were 10,000 but it looked at lot more.


    Heading back into Vegas another bar well worth visiting is the Brew Pub at the Monte Carlo. Massive place with a good selection of beers mainly created in their own Micro that can be seen from the bar. A tasty American pint (16 fl ozs) for the same price as a puny bottled Bud or MGD.

    Thats our small selection of places to visit, no doubt to an outsider there are many more that need discovering and the Liberace museum will just have to wait until next time.

Ian Sutton


Originally posted in Gaming floor September 1999