Blackjack Switch makes an impressive debut at the WGCE

Ian Sutton
December 4th, 2000

    At this years show new technology and slots once again stole the headlines. The major slot manufacturers pulling out all the stops with industry leader IGT debuting no fewer than 87 new models.

    But away from the large stands and multi million dollar research budgets there were also a refreshing number of new table games. Unlike a real casino the visitor had to move away from the center of the floor to find them.

    One of the most impressive being Blackjack Switch. Why, you may ask. The reason this game has potential is that it allows the player the option of moving cards after the initial deal to create stronger combinations. 

   What, the casino will never win!, I hear you say. There are however changes in the payout structure to compensate with the game rules being modified to maintain the house edge.

   The concept is simple but revolutionary. On seeing the game my thoughts were why didn't I think of that. How many times have I played and wished I could do it. How many thousands of times as a dealer, inspector and pitboss have I heard "can I swop them over".

    Developed in the English Midlands, an area that is traditionally a Poker stronghold the game has been independently tested with operators able to choose rules that they believe will be the most attractive. A breakdown of hold percentages is available for each variation.

Blackjack Switch

    Geoff Hall the games inventor and who demonstrated the game at the show provided Gaming floor with the following information and contact details are below.


Blackjack Switch a game for the 21st century.

    Blackjack is the most popular casino game in the world, but it is very much a dated 20th century game and it is time it was updated to meet the more interactive demands of the new Millennium.  Blackjack Switch does just that making a more enjoyable playing experience that will increase player participation and bring new business into the casino.

    At last, the casinos have a chance to be involved in a revolutionary change to Blackjack that produces an evolutionary product.

    Each player plays two hands simultaneously and the game is played using the standard procedure of regular Blackjack, with one simple, but exciting, addition the player has the option to switch the top two cards over. This is one of the best examples, the player is dealt hands of 16 and 15.


He or she can now switch the 5 and 10 around to give two new hands of 11 and 20.


   The game is then played to a conclusion using standard Blackjack procedure. Double downs and splits allowed after switch.
    There is also an exciting add-on called "Super Match", consisting of a small circular area, placed in front of each players betting boxes.  The players make an optional wager as to whether they will receive matching cards, from the first four cards dealt to them.  The "Super Match" bet is settled before any hands are played out and offers odds of up to 1000/1 for the players.

And that's all there is to it.

Simple but with a brilliant twist Blackjack Switch

    "Blackjack Switch" made its first appearance at the World Gaming show in Las Vegas in October 2000 and, as a result, the game has received considerable interest from casinos in America and Canada and has enjoyed very favourable comments from both players and the media.

Particularly strong interest was shown by Washington, Detroit and Iowa so expect the game to be in casinos in the very near future.

Blackjack Switch   ISN'T IT TIME YOU SWITCHED ?

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