UK Gambling Review Report

Time (for gaming staff) to be dealt a better hand?

The following are the four key paragraphs from the report that cover the subject of Tipping. Gaming staff are presently not allowed to accept tips (gratuities) under the terms of the 1968 Gaming Act.

The above text is ©Crown Copyright 2001 and is taken from the Gambling Review Report


    The original law prohibiting the acceptance of tips by British gaming staff was created because the casino operators in the 1960's made a regular practice of raiding the dealers tip boxes, especially so when the house had a poor or losing night. The newly formed Gaming Board objected to this practice.

    It was a time when there were many hundreds of small casinos across the country owned by private individuals, questionable syndicates or small newly formed companies. They opened for business after changes in the law had been passed, ostensibly to allow Bingo as a fundraiser for the Catholic Church. This massive upsurge in gambling created a state of panic in the Government and many newspapers carried lurid headlines about the involvement of the "Mafia" in certain London operations. 

    The capital had then, and still has today, the majority of significant action. The main table games were Baccarat & French Roulette. American Roulette and Blackjack also arrived during the 60's from across the Atlantic.

    The operators, in discussions with the Board maintained that taking money from the dealers tips, which then was a substantial sum, was essential for them to remain in business. A compromise was eventually agreed upon and tipping of gaming staff was officially prohibited.

    Over the years despite many amendments to the original 1968 Act, celebrated revocations of corrupt operators licenses, consolidation of ownership, inflation and pitifully low wages in the provinces - the law has remained unchanged. This has been mainly due to gaming staff having no effective channel of communication with the Gaming Board and BCA as well as no Union representation as is accepted in other industries.

    The Gaming Review recommendations, and the fact that casinos are now recognized as a legitimate part of the entertainment scene in Great Britain will hopefully lead to a much overdue change in the law being made.

Ian Sutton
Gaming floor Editor
13th August 2001

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They are welcome, particularly from people who were privy to the original decisions from either a staff, operator or Gaming Board perspective.

Merci pour les employés
"It is therefore customary - In keeping with the practice at all major international casinos - for the winner to give the croupiers a tip in appreciation of their services"
Holland Casino Gaming Guide

"Please remember that gaming staff are not allowed to accept gratuities - we're sorry but it's the law. You are quite free however to reward floor waitresses, bar, restaurant, reception, and other service staff for good service should you wish"
Grosvenor Casinos Gaming Guide

"It is an unwritten rule that our guests donate 1/35 of every payout to the so-called staff "kitty". Please note that this is not so that the croupiers receive extra tips; it is the only form of remuneration they receive. So if you pay the corresponding percentage to the kitty, we would like to say a big "Thank you" on behalf of our staff." 
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