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Las Vegas News Briefs for week ending Aug. 24, 2025

Could this happen???

Wynn Unveils Grand Opening Plans for Desert Inn

    Former casino mogul Steve Wynn finally unveiled his plans to open the Desert Inn casino at a press conference held Tuesday. Wynn purchased the property in 2000. 

    Wynn is the former owner of the Mirage resorts, which at one time included the Bellagio, Mirage, Treasure Island, Golden Nugget and Beau Rivage Hotel-Casinos. MGM acquired the casino group in 2000 and was renamed MGM-Mirage. AOL/Time-Warner acquired MGM-Mirage in February, 2005.

Newton Cloning Dealt Another Setback

    The comeback of Mr. Las Vegas, Wayne Newton, was dealt another setback earlier this week as the estate of the perennial performer announced that the current cloning efforts have not yielded the desired results.

    "This is their third attempt to bring back some one who meant so much to Las Vegas," said a family spokesman. "But the Newton family is committed to reviving someone who helped Las Vegas become what it is today."

    Newton, who died five years ago, had a long show business career at many of the Las Vegas hotels and in movies, before entering politics. In 2007 he was elected mayor of Las Vegas and only 9 months later was elected Senator after the mysterious disappearance of Sen. Oscar Goodman.

The Marlboro Hotel-Casino Announce Free Gift Packs to Every Guest

    The Marlboro Hotel-Casino announced Wednesday that every guest will enjoy a free cartoon of Marlboro cigarettes upon check in. The country-western themed resort is one of only two properties that allow smoking in their casino.

Disney Completes Acquisition of Excalibur Hotel. Plans $100 Million in Improvements

    The Walt Disney Company, the gaming and entertainment division of AOL/Time-Warner announced yesterday the acquisition of the Excalibur Hotel and Casino from Harrah's-Mandalay Bay Entertainment Group.

    The Walt Disney Company also unveiled its plans to invest $100 million in property improvements. The Excalibur Hotel and Casino has been closed and abandoned since 2020. 

    The sale now brings the total number of gaming properties that Disney directly owns and operates to eight. Disney also owns Treasure Island, The Atlantis Hotel-Casino, The Aladdin Hotel-Casino, The "Mulan" Rouge, The Lion King Casino (formerly The Reserve), The Pocahontas Casino (partnership with the Pequot Indian Tribe), The Dumbo Gambling Hall (formerly the Circus-Circus).

Park Place Entertainment lays-off 25 Black Jack Dealers

    In keeping with the times Park Place Entertainment let go its last 25 blackjack dealers. "We need to not only reduce costs, but keep up with the times," said a company spokesman. 

    Park Place Entertainment was the last gaming company to employee "live" dealers. They will be replaced by holograms from Sega. 

    With the release of the dealers Park Place Entertainment will also replace the existing "live play" tables with the more common electronic blackjack tables.

    "Another era has passed. It was only a matter of time," said one of the departing croupiers.

    Park Place Entertainment owns and operates 125 gaming properties in 15 countries.

Las Vegas Subway Ready to Break Ground

    It took 30 years and major industry consolidation but the owners of the four gaming corporations finally agreed to plans to build a subway system for Las Vegas. Spokesmen for the four companies, Park Place Entertainment, Harrah's-Mandalay Bay Entertainment Group, MGM/Mirage-AOL/Time Warner and Station-Pequot Indian Gaming agreed that the construction plans were equitable and fair. 

    Las Vegans have been screaming for a public transportation system since the price of gas topped $9.00 a gallon. 

    "I think the people and visitors of Las Vegas will be extremely happy. The subway will only take an hour to travel from the beginning of the Strip to Downtown. It will reduce the time it takes to drive that distance in half," said a spokesman for the Las Vegas Valley Transit Authority.

AOL/Time Warner Partners with IBM-Dell For New High-Speed Internet Gaming

    Guests who stay at any one of the 225 gaming properties around the globe owned by AOL/Time Warner will enjoy high-speed Internet Gaming on top-of-the-line IBM-Dell's Cranium Control Portable PCs.

    "IBM-Dell's Cranium Control Portable PCs fits on the heads of players, much like a baseball cap. Guests can now play multiple games at multiple properties while either in their rooms, on the airplane or even at one of our tables," said a company spokesman.

IGT Announces Record Earning

LONDON - The UK-based International Gaming Technology announced record earnings yesterday as it released its year-end 2025 figures.

    The former US-based manufacturer of video games and now sole producer of video-slot and game technology for the gaming industry said it was extremely pleased with last year's results, especially after successfully fending off the US Department of Justice, whose 5-year anti-monopoly lawsuit was dropped when IGT moved to the United Kingdom two years ago.

    Trading on the Citibank/Merrill-Lynch New York Stock Exchange was frenzied as 100 million shares traded hands. The stock closed up 1/8 at its highest level in 10 years at 25 British Pound Sterling or $3.50 US dollars.

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